Why is Draw the Line/Respect the Line an inferior program?

Were Parental Rights violated?

1. Why is a different sex education program being recommended for NEISD Middle Schools? 

The current program is not evidence-based.

2. What are the steps in the process of selecting a different sex ed program?

1.)  A sub-committee of the Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) considered four 

programs and recommended “Draw The Line/ Respect The Line”.

2.)  The SHAC voted on 3-29-16 to recommend “Draw The Line/ Respect The Line”.

3.)   The NEISD School Board plans to vote at their May 9, 2016 meeting.

3. What concerns have been expressed re: Draw The Line/ Respect The Line?

a. Evidence shows the program helps boys to delay sexual activity BUT DOES NOT HELP GIRLS.

b. Evidence shows there was no significant difference in percent of condom usage for 

those who participated in the program as those who didn’t. Thus the teaching on 

condoms had no positive effect.

c. A high percentage of parents (24%) did not permit their student to participate.

4. Is there an evidence-based program that helps girls as well as boys?

Heritage Keepers is a program that has proven to be equally effective across age, gender       

and race. Thus Heritage Keepers helps girls too.

5. How effective is the Heritage Keepers program?

   Participants were 3x more likely to abstain from sex than non-program students.

6. Does Heritage Keepers teach on condoms?

Heritage Keepers follows the Texas law. It does not advocate condoms as a viable alternative to abstinence.

 This removes a major stumbling-block for parents who chose the non-participation option.

7. Are there financial considerations?

The Texas Health Department has money allocated to pay for public school training in 

Heritage Keepers and will also provide materials for the students resulting in financial 

savings for the school district.

8. What actions are recommended?

a. Contact NEISD Superintendent Brian Gottardy  (bgotta@neisd.net or 210-407-0540) and ask for him to direct 

SHAC to do additional study.

b. Contact NEISD School
Board Members and let them know how you feel.

c. Tell your pastor and friends in NEISD about www.neisdsexed.com. Churches ARE 

permitted to discuss and educate on issues such as sex ed. They are not permitted to 

endorse a particular candidate.

d. Promote and attend the News Conference or Rally if one is held.

e. Return here to
www.neisdsexed.com for additional information and UPDATES.

f. Vote for candidates who represent your values. Check

www.sanantoniofamilyassociation.com or www.texasleaders.org for 

NEISD School Board Non-Partisan Voter Guide.

Considering the Middle School Sexual Education Curriculum for


Northeast ISD 

Empowering parents

through information and choice