Considering the Middle School Sexual Education Curriculum for


Empowering parents

through information and choice

Northeast ISD 

NEISD Sex Ed Curriculum


By Gerald Ripley

On March 29, 2016 the Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) voted 22-0 (3 abstentions) to recommend adopting the “Draw The Line/ Respect The Line” curriculum (DTL/RTL) for use in Middle Schools of the North East Independent School District (NEISD).

Charles Flowers, Kellie Gretschel, Mary Ann Parks, Gerald Ripley, Phil Sevilla and 1 to 3 others each had 3 minutes to address the issue before the vote was taken. After their presentations, a motive was made to table the decision for further consideration but no one seconded the motion to table. Then the motion to adopt “DTL/RTL” was passed without dissent. “DTL/RTL” is an evidence-based curriculum and the current one in use is not. “DTL/RTL” is severely flawed. The evidence reveals three items for concern. Foremost and tragically is this:  “DTL/RTL” DOES NOT HELP GIRLS to postpone sexual activity. It does help boys to do so. 

Secondly, “DTL/RTL” had NO impact on condom usage. Students who took the program used condoms at the same rate (not at an anticipated HIGHER rate) as students who didn’t take the program.

Finally, there was a “high” non-participation rate. Twenty-four per cent of the parents did not give permission for their student to participate in “DTL/RTL”.

Kellie Gretschel, Gerald Ripley, Phil Sevilla and Patrick von Dohlen each spoke on the issue at the April 11, 2016 NEISD School Board Meeting. We recommended that another curriculum (Heritage Keepers) be considered.

The NEISD School Board plans to take action at their May 9, 2016 meeting.
An NEISD School Board election is set for Saturday, May 7, 2016. Only two of the four ballot positions are contested.