Considering the Middle School Sexual Education Curriculum for


Empowering parents

through information and choice

Northeast ISD 

Joette Garza-Garibay

Health Educator
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio (UTHSCSA)October 2015 – Present

UT Health Science Center employees who sit on the SHAC

Janet Realini

The NEISD SHAC has a sex ed subcommittee made up of appointed  teachers, parents, and community members meant to represent the diversity of the District. Diane Bullard is an NEISD​ employee who sits on both the Board of Healthy Futures and the NEISD SHAC sex ed sub committee. Healthy Futures President, Janet Realini wrote the sex ed curriculum Big Decisions, currently being used at all NEISD High Schools. Janet Realini is a vocal supporter of Planned Parenthood and of making birth control available for teens. Healthy Futures benefits from having employees like Diane Bullard on the SHAC therefore creating a conflict of interest.
Janet realini also founded Project WORTH. If you listen to the 
SHAC meeting ,  Mario Martinez,  who presents Draw the Line/Respect the Line identifies himself as the program manager from Project WORTH. He also served as a member of the SHAC sex ed subcommittee. It seems as though the NEISD SHAC has been hijacked by those looking to push their own sex ed product.